Under the Hammer: 6 of the latest lightweight or convertible MTB full face helmets in review

Fast changes
The Bell Super 3R MIPS can be converted from full face to trail in seconds. 2.28 is the record – can you beat that?


Hot over the collar
While the Giro Switchblade MIPS offers class-leading coverage, the minimal vents make for a hot experience, even without the chin guard.

Confusing execution
The Lazer Revolution FF MIPS left us confused: why have a removable chin guard that requires tools to remove?

Stressful tangles
The loose straps and Boa closure system of the Uvex Jakkyl Hde frustratingly get trapped while donning the helmet.

So which is best?

The conclusion to this test is a difficult one. The perfect helmet for a rider is the one that fits the best, and fit is as unique a buying a new pair of shoes. Fit aside and with the chin guard in place, all the helmets in this test offer more protection than a standard trail helmet. For a trail rider who wants a helmet to use mainly without the chin guard, with occasional use as a full face for increased confidence, our top pick was the excellent Bell Super 3R MIPS. For most riders, the Bell Super 3R MIPS offers the best compromise of protection and versatility, offering two helmets in one. Affordable, comfortable, and highly adjustable, it impressed our testers enough to take the Best in Test honors.

For riders who want to race, chase KOM’s, or need the increased protection of a full face, we would recommend either the ASTM-certified Fox Proframe or MET Parachute MIPS. If the fit is good, style-focussed riders will undoubtedly choose the excellent Fox Proframe, which was a team favourite. However, the lighter weight, comfortable trail-style adjustable cradle, and very affordable price point give the MET Parachute the Best Value award.

When it comes to aggressive trail riding, lightweight or removable chin guard full face helmets are more in demand than the latest iPhone X. We test six of the best to see if they can match the ventilation of a trail lid and the protection offered by a full face.

We are in the age where we expect everything to do more than one thing. Take our phones, for example: do you know that making calls is only the sixth most popular use of our smart devices? The same goes for our helmets. Not only do we expect protection, we demand …read more

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